Another Busy Day On Maui

People often ask Gail and I what we do every day here on Maui, so I thought I’d put together a post and describe a normal day.

First we get up and have a breakfast of fresh fruit and granola on our lanai, looking at this:

Then when the spirit moves us, we wander the hundred yards or so down to Kamaole II beach and to our shady spot under the trees at on a hillside at the end of the beach. Here I can be out of the sun so my dermatologist doesn’t have a bird and get his scalpel out when he sees me in January. The picture shows Gail in the sun, but usually we’re a bit further back.

The view from up there is quite spectacular:

We read for a bit, then head down to the water to either snorkel for an hour or so on the reef right there or swim down to the next point and back. Its a good swim and you feel quite justified in a sit and read after that. Then I’ll usually go for a walk down several beaches and back, just taking in the scenery, watching for whales jumping and cavorting just off shore. Its calving season for the humpbacks now and they’ve returned to these waters, quite possibly from our own waters. And Most often I watch one or two of these honus munching and cavorting in the surf:

Eventually we’ll head up to the condo for a bite to eat, then wander back down for this:

And this:

Until it is fully dark. Just sitting, feet in the warm sand, maybe having a last swim and watching the night come on.

Tonight we moved on from there to the Grand Wailea Hotel for pupus (appys), happy hour drinks and lovely Hawaiian music:

That was pretty much it for the day. And if all goes well tomorrow, we’ll do pretty much the same and very happily so.

Aloha from Maui.


7 thoughts on “Another Busy Day On Maui”

    1. Thanks Hank. Best to you and Jess. Heading to the beach to meet my niece and her family for their first snorkel here. Aloha.

  1. Aloha – Tim & Gail….
    That sure must be a daily “Heaven on Earth.”
    Swimming and then relaxing with a good book while listening to the sound of waves pounding on the beach, nothing wrong with that program.
    I wonder if bicycling in that area is an option. ? Is there such a thing as bike lanes or perhaps the roadways are too narrow. ? Hiking trails ? An outdoor yoga class with ladies 1/2 Tim’s age. ?
    I’ll be showing McTavish pictures of you two happily strolling on the beach… then take him to the vet for his daily calming sedative.
    CHEERS !

    1. Bike lanes are well marked and quite safe. Great place to ride. Great beach yoga classes. I’m looking for “old farts yoga”, far less demoralizing. Please don’t tell MacTavish we’re here. He thinks we’ve gone to obedience training in Vancouver so we’ll become better dog owners. He has not been pleased with how slowly we respond to his demands and has threatened to alert the SPCA on several occassions.
      Enjoy the rain Gerry.
      Aloha (off to the beach for my walk)

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