Every year we see more turtles or Honu, in Hawaiian in these waters. It used to be such a rarity but now we see lots every day. This is a collection I photographed on my morning walk yesterday. It was on the reef between Kam I and Kam II. They are feeding on green algae off the rocks, just floating in and out with the swells and surf. Some times, when we are swimming along we’ll almost bump into them. In fact, I have bumped into one. Scarred the hell out of me. They are very solid!

It is so cool to be close to one when he comes up for a breath and has a look at you. We are always backing away but they seem quite interested at times and just want to check you out. It never gets old and is often the highlight of our days.

3 thoughts on “Turtles Turtles Ya Ya Ya”

  1. They look so big and oh my the color of the water – loving you both from afar and so happy you are both back in Paradise. Xx

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