Our condominium, the Kihei Akahi, is across the road from Kamaole II beach. There are three of these beaches and we think they are the best beaches in all of the islands. The sand, as you can see, is a kind of golden peach colour and not too fine so it does not hang in suspension too long and effect the water clarity when snorkelling. At the end of each beach are lava points, so each beach is a sculpted seashell form that protects against seas and , we hope, discourages beasties that might want to nibble on my pink toes. The slope of the beaches change according to weather patterns, but are generally gradually sloped and just great for kids and old farts playing in the water.

Gail and I love to snorkel on the points in the morning, hanging with the turtles (honus) and checking out the ever changing reef population of tropical fish. Then we swim to the other end of the beach and back, float for a while in the incredibly buoyant water, drag ourselves back into the world of gravity, flop into our beach chairs and read or stare off into the distance, looking for whales or just soaking in the scenery. Not a bad way to spend some time as the storms of November and December pound the beaches of Point Holmes.

2 thoughts on “Kamaole Beaches”

  1. We love your posts but our lips are hanging (pouting) with envy. Keep on enjoying as there are no guarantees in life and one must suck the nectar out of each day. Let us know if you need a ride home when you fly back.

  2. I love your posts and comments Tim. Your time away is precious and glad to see you are enjoying every minute of every day!
    Love ya – see you at Christmas

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